Specialised texts such as instruction manuals, annual reports, promotional brochures, scientific papers, patents, etc. require highly-skilled professional translators. They translate profoundly specialised texts out of diverse fields, yet as a rule, are trained in one specific area. Due to their experience and expertise, our specialised translators can delve into any topics within an astoundingly short period of time.

Professional editing is essential for effective (specialised) communication and crucial to any company’s public image. We check and enhance your texts orthographically, grammatically and stylistically. Regardless of language.

Sworn translators conceive notarised translations; namely they certify the accuracy and integrity of translations. Certified translations, for example of documents indicating civil status and court records, are required by any administrative body and in international legal relations.

Certified translators are, according to the legislation of the respective federal province, sworn-in or certified, authorized or publicly appointed.

Freelancers: Please direct your application (CV, language combinations, specialised fields, qualifications, CAT-tools, etc.) to freelancer@synchronics.biz.



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